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Stryx is rethinking the meaning of men’s “cosmetics” to make men look more handsome without much effort. Featured in Forbes, GQ, Mashable and many others, Stryx is a corrective cosmetics brand specially formulated for men.


Stryx engineers discreet, sophisticated looking men's corrective cosmetic products for men so that men can easily and comfortably look their best. Stryx products are uniquely designed to be sleek, discreet and simple to use. No sponges or brushes are required. Anyone can simply apply the products onto the skin with fingertips to cover up any skin imperfections.

Stryx product range is extremely simple. It comes in two types - Concealer Tool & Tinted Moisturiser, each further categorised under three different shades/colour - Light Cognac, Medium Mahogany & Dark Eclipse.

The Concealer Tool looks like a sophisticated pen. It is crafted from an industry-first metal material, commonly used in race cars due to its strength and resilience. The addictive mechanism clicks as it’s turned to let you know the perfect amount. Elegant and satisfying to hold, it is a refined tool for the modern man.

The Tinted Moisturiser, on the other hand, is a moisturiser that comes with a subtle tint. It is the ultimate way to hide any pigments or acne scars naturally. A subtle tint instantly diminishes redness and creates an even skin tone while giving skin a matte appearance.

Please email us at for wholesale pricing information.

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